HH SCOTT 299B Tube Amplifier

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This is a vintage SCOTT 299B integrated tube amplifier. 25 wpc, I believe. It is in excellent cosmetic condition in my opinion. Unit appears to be in good working condition. I hooked it up to a CD player through the "tuner" and "extra" jacks. Both channels work. From what I could tell, all the knobs and switches appear to be working. I did not test all the rca jacks on back. There is a very slight scratchiness in the volume control during adjustment but disappears. I sprayed a bit of tuner cleaner in it and it improved greatly. May need better cleaning. Some of the numbers around the volume knob are worn. Light dustiness inside as I did not want to possibly damage or do harm to anything trying to polish it up which would be true for the face plate as well. That will be up to the winner. All the tubes appear to be "original" to the unit when I acquired it (Scott, Telefunken, etc) except the 5AR4 which I had to replace as it was broken. It has a Sovtek 5AR4 in it now. All 3 pilot lights work.
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