H.H. Scott 350B Stereomaster Tuner.

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 H.H. Scott 350B Stereomaster Tuner.

The photos were taken in bright sunlight and there are some reflections off the brushed aluminum gold colored faceplate. All the lettering on the face plate is perfect and there are very few hairline scratches that are very hard to see. It has 9 tubes of which 5 are the original H.H. Scott. The tubes are as follows: Scott 6B58, Telefunken 6U8, Scott 6AU6, Scott 6AU6, Scott 6AU6, Scott 12 AT7, RCA 12AU7, Raytheon 6BL8, and the Raytheon 12AU7 which appears to be non functional. I carefully powered the tuner up using a variac and all tubes lighted up except the above mentioned Raytheon 12AU7. The dial light and tuning meter light both light up. The tuning meter needle moves when the dial is turned. The dial turns smoothly. This tuner should serve the buyer well with a tube replacement and light cleaning.  






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