RCA single flat plate 2A3 tubes

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Welcome to Thermionic Radio Supply, your source for reliable tested vintage thermionic vacuum tubes. 

Lot 1 of 2.  Good used pair of RCA flat plate 2A3 tubes.  Well matched.  Date Code C12 on both tubes.

Gm = 2700 and 2700 on a calibrated Hickok 533 tube tester where 3000 is listed as the nominal Gm for a new tube and NOS tubes test up to 3200 on this tube tester.  No shorts, gas, or leakage.  No loose debris is visible in the envelope.  These tubes have been checked to have no noise or microphonics in an EH Scott Full Range High Fidelity Receiver.


 If you receive a tube that is unsatisfactory because it does not perform as you had hoped, you may return it for a refund or exchange it for another tube of the same type (if available) under the following conditions and procedures:

 Conditions of return include the following:

  1. The returned tube must retain all original markings that were on it when sent.  These markings are our unique identification with which to assure that the tube received is the one shipped.
  2. The returned tube must not be damaged.  It must test substantially as indicated on the report card.
  3.  Procedures for return are as follows:

    1. Notify me of your concern and whether you prefer refund or exchange.
    2. Return the unsatisfactory tube at your cost (use a trackable shipping service) and upon receipt and verification the replacement tube will be shipped at my expense.
    3.  If a satisfactory replacement tube is not available, a full refund will be issued upon receipt of the tube subject to the conditions of return identified above.


      We will ship to Pay-Pal confirmed ONLY.  California customers charged 7.50% sales tax.



      International buyers and overseas shipments: Overseas shipping by USPS international express mail, (EMS) only. PLEASE NOTE: There are NO exceptions to this policy.  USPS has recently raised EMS rates.

      Due to the high number of non-paying bidders, we are no longer shipping to Hong Kong.

      These vacuum tubes are from a personal lifetime collection from which bad and useless tubes have been removed.  Although I have multiple examples of many of these tubes, I do have a limited supply in excess of my personal collection needs and when they are gone, they are gone.  I am a prominent collector and historian of EH Scott radios and author of a number of articles published in Antique Radio Classified, Vacuum Tube Valley News, and other publications.

      Tube testers that I use for evaluation of tubes include a Hickok/Western Electric KS-15874 L2, Hickok 533DM, Hickok AC51, and if necessary a Hickok TV2/AU, Hickok 600A, and a late B&K 607 emissions tester (only model I have available for novar and compactron types).  The 533DM and AC51 identify mutual conductance whereas the KS-15874 L2 and TV2/AU test mutual conductance (emissions for rectifiers and diodes) but display quality in percent.  The KS-15874 L2 and 533DM are calibrated and regularly checked.  The TV2/AU, being fully metered and having all parameters set for each tube being tested, does not require calibration.  The AC51 is uncalibrated but used primarily for testing unusual early types such as dual grid detectors (Wunderlich, 29, etc), early AC tubes (Kellogg 401, etc), and special output tubes (183, 483, 586, etc).  Most of the time I rely on the KS-15874 L2 for shorts, leakage, and gas tests as it is superior for individually testing these parameters and I rely on the 533DM for mutual conductance of amplifying tubes as it identifies mutual conductance rather than quality in percent.006.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg

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